The Project We Take Care was developed by „Arbeitskreis“ in 2017. Then, it was a pilot project against violence and harassment in the nightlife scene. 

The Arbeitskreis carries, develops, and guides the Project. Part of the Arbeitskreis are different organizers, cultural political participants, and advisors from Hannover. 

Through the years, the project was institutionalized and perpetuated within the cultural landscape of Hannover. The Arbeitskreis has now expressed support for an intersectional approach to the project.

The Goal is, to regard and acknowledge all forms and facets of discrimination at once, and not separated from each other. To achieve this, the Arbeitskreis is working with Experts and Consultants that sensibilise the Arbeitskreis and support building safe spaces at events. (By the way: you can read more about „Discrimination“, „Intersectionality“ or „awareness“ in the glossary) 

The Project has received financial support from Referat für Frauen und Gleichstellung der Landeshauptstadt Hannover since 2019. 

A Headspace for the Project has been arranged in 2021.

Awareness stand at the SNNTG Festival. credit: SNNTG Team