We Take Care is a Project established in Hannover, that advocates for awareness at events (you can read more about „awareness“ in the glossary). In this Project, different organizers from Hannover cooperate. 

Together, they engage in further education and training for their teams and develop a shared approach to awareness topics. They support each other through challenges and share materials and infrastructure. This makes We Take Care a sustainable collaborative project that encourages a deeper understanding of attitude and awareness within the event industry and bundles scarce Resources – to make working with Awareness – Topics effective. 

The goal is to create a safe and welcoming evening-and Nightlife, that allows people to feel comfortable. 

To achieve that, We Take Care is strictly positioned against every form of discrimination and violence. (read more about violence and discrimination in the glossary) 

The organizers of the project are supported by different participants and organizations and are closely guided and advised by various counseling centers.  We Take Care relies on the valuable input of experts and has access to professionals when facing challenges. Currently, the organizers Andersraum/CSD HannoverCafe GlockseeIndiego GlockseeKulturpalast LindenKulturzentrum FaustKulturzentrum PavillonMusikZentrum Hannover, and SNNTG are part of We Take Care. Additionally, PLATZProjekt and Kiezkultur Festival are currently in the recording process.

Also Part of the project is Frauennotruf HannoverMännerbüro Hannover, the Landesverband Soziokultur Niedersachsen as well as the association KlubNetz. 

The Project is promoted and financially supported by Referat für Frauen und Gleichstellung der Landeshauptstadt Hannover.

Awareness-Team at the SNNTG Festival. credit: SNNTG Team