We Take Care emphasizes collective responsibility for a positive and safe experience at events. Here, you can find out how to support, how you can receive support yourself, and what We Take Care organizers try to do. 


 A respectful and appreciative interaction is the responsibility of all of us. Organizers, Artists, audience, staff, etc…

What’s important to us: Every Person has their own boundaries. What might be okay for one person, can be Boundarie-Crossing for another person. People can feel attacked, discriminated against, disregarded, overwhelmed, or degraded by someone else’s behavior. What counts is how the affected person feels. 

We Take Care organizers share one basic understanding: Everyone should have the chance, to feel comfortable and safe. We care and regard our fellows’ Boundaries and deal with each other in a worshipping way. We care for each other and approach someone if we think they need  help. 


If a person tells you that their boundaries were crossed, that they feel uncomfortable, discriminated, or just generally unwell, then ask if that person wishes for help. If you notice boundary-crossing behavior, approach the affected person and ask if they are in need of support. 

If you should feel unsafe or if you need support, approach our Team. All We Take Care Organizers have Teams that are sensitized to different challenges. They will be there for you. 

If you have experienced boundary-crossing Crossing Behaviour yourself if you should feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or unwell, talk to the team on site – we will support you.


Our Teams are there for you: We listen to you and think of the best possible solution to offer you support together. Nothing that you don´t want to happen will happen. You will be able to withdraw in a safe space. We will stay with you if you wish for that. We are not professional Advisors, but we will obtain Contact details of experts and counseling – centers. ( We have collected trustworthy contacts and support offers for you under Support & Counseling.) 

We Take Care stands for a trained and sensitized team. All venues/festivals have a written and extensively developed concept that forms the basis of their work at events. 

The teams strive to create a good atmosphere at their events. You can approach them if you have any questions or concerns, if you need help, or if you think others need help. If the teams observe situations that they perceive as potentially boundary-crossing, they will also address the individuals involved. Due to different local conditions and working structures, the concepts may vary slightly depending on the venue or festival. You can find out more about the specific concepts from the organizers. If you have any questions, comments, or criticism, please feel free to contact us at info@wetakecare-hannover.de.