You are an organizer of festivals, parties, or do you own a club or a cultural center and want to become part of We Take Care? 

Take part in a quick self-check: 

Can you identify with our values and our project?

Are you willing to school your Team? 

Are you (or any of your team members) ready, to actively participate in the We Take Care Working Group? Are you ready to embark on a process with your team towards an awareness concept for your events?

If you can answer these questions with yes, write a mail to

If you’re interested in working in a We Take Care team to support events, the best way to do so is to directly contact the organizers who are part of We Take Care and offer your assistance there.

KOMMRAUS HANNOVER 2021, 30.07. Audiolith-Fest: Frittenbude, Pöb
KOMMRAUS-Festival des We Take Care-Netzwerks. credit: Leona Ohsiek